Pet Life


We are confident that you will not find any other pet nutritional product on the market
that comes anywhere close to this powerful, unique formula.

As our range of mineral products for human health continue to gain an even
higher level of acceptance, demand has been so great for a mineral based
pet nutritional supplement
that we have developed what we believe is
the only answer that compliments today’s nutrient deficient, mass
produced pet foods.

For Cats & Dogs

The ULTIMATE PET Nutrition – Available Now!

(note – currently only available in the UK !!)

Simply Naturals is proud to announce the introduction of its long awaited, mineral-rich
PetLife Complete.

This nutritional support product has been specifically designed to
help assist your beloved pet’s health in more ways than one.

Please read on…..

We started out with a highly recognised, cutting edge pet nutrition formula
that is successfully being used to promote flexibility and encourage mobility,
particularly in older cats & dogs by supporting normal function of synovial
fluid, cartilage, tendons and joints.

By combining this with our plant derived minerals we have developed a unique,
one of a kind, high potency product that is truly targeted at the support and
prevention of current and future aliments.

    a. Maintains flexibility of movement in all working and pet dogs.
    b. Supports the natural regeneration of cartilage and synovial fluid.
    c. Helps maintain the natural anti-inflammatory actions of cats’ & dogs’ metabolism.
    d. Contains high levels of Omega 3 to support optimum health and performance.
    e. Contains 81 active ingredients, including: chondroitin, collagen matrix, curcumin,
    glucosamine, glutamine, hemp oil derived omega 3 fatty acids, MSM, vitamin C and a
    blend of galactolipid emulsifiers, tocotrienol antioxidants, beta glucans and phospholipids.
    f. Easy Feed System (EFS) Delivery System to maintain a healthy digestive tract and a high
    rate of absorption of essential nutricines, vitamins and trace elements.
    g. Is wheat gluten free.
    h. Is a 100% Non GM, soya free formulation.
    i. Is manufactured as very palatable and easily digested 2mm pellets; perfect for mixing
    with cats’ & dogs’ normal feed.
    j. Is quick and easy to feed.

We have incorporated the EXACT ratio of Mg per Kg of body weight that we put in our
Sizzling Minerals; what this means, is based on the recommended daily dose your cat
or dog will receive the same proportion of minerals in its daily diet as we humans
do when we consume any of our mineral supplements.

At Simply Naturals we are proud that we are now in a position to take care of some
of natures other creatures as we take care of ourselves in the best way possible –
“as nature intended”.

Just One of our Happy Customers

“We are a very successful sprint racing/showing kennel based on the Isle of Wight.
Competing at the level we do, as with all athletes our dogs have to be in the best
condition and be able to maintain a very high level of fitness. When we were first
introduced to Simply Naturals Minerals we were a little sceptical, but that did not
last for long; animals cannot experience the placebo effect, and after only being
on the minerals a short while we are thrilled at the difference it has made to their
general wellbeing.

Our dogs range in age from 18 months to 14 years old and are all generally in very
good health, but of late our 14 year old male has been suffering with quite bad
arthritis which had limited his mobility a lot, he was taking a long time to get
to his feet and only really walking around, but since being on the minerals for a
short while the transformation we have seen in him is amazing. He can now get up
in one movement, he is running around and even jumping about and playing with the
other dogs, also he had begun to consume a lot of water which at his age is quite a
worry as this can indicate all sorts of problems but again since being on the
minerals his drinking habits have returned to normal which is a great relief.

Other benefits we have seen in our dogs are increased energy levels especially when
running, and quicker recovery after they have run. After molting their new coats
seem to be growing back a lot faster and the overall condition and quality of their
coats has improved.

Although all of our dogs are or have been part of our racing teams performing at
the highest level first and foremost they are our beloved four legged family and
deserve the very best we can provide for them, and I firmly believe that by giving
them the minerals it has improved their quality of life, and we are so impressed
with the results that we are now taking them ourselves”.

Sharon & Martin Bradley
and ‘Snostopin’ Siberian Huskies

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Here’s the exciting information about this great product;

A combination of specific, active ingredients and the same 100% natural prehistoric plant minerals we use in our human products, we have developed what we believe to be the ultimate nutritional supplement for cats and dogs.

It has been stated by eminent doctors, chemists and vets that humans and animals require at least 60 plant minerals to maintain a disease and ailment free state (which are deficient in today’s human and pet food).

Now you can give the same high “super food” containing our amazing minerals to your pets.

Show your furry friends you love them…
give them — Simply “Pet Life Complete”

(note – currently only available in the UK !!)

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Recommended dosage

Size of Animal Dosage (Measure Scoop included)
Small dog / Cat Up to 15kgs – Half Scoop per Day
Large Dog 15kgs to 30kgs – Full Scoop per Day
Very Large Dog Over 30kgs – Two Full Scoops per Day


Plant Minerals
Collagen matrix
Omega 3
Micronised Beet Pulp
Vitamin C
Vitamin E

75 Pre-historic Plant Derived Minerals – Essential for optimum biological cell health and function in both humans and animals. These are highly absorbent (100% bio-available) prehistoric plant minerals, not to be confused with the cheap, ineffective metallic minerals often found in many pet food supplements.

In combination with our unique plant minerals we have included the following actives to further support healthy joints in cats and dogs:

Chondroitin – Chondroitin is a source of an important component for specific cartilage cells that absorb water and provide cushioning and lubrication within joints.

Collagen – Collagen is a specific protein produced by the body and used to form the fabric and strength of all connective tissues like cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

Curcumin – Curcumin sourced from Turmeric is a natural and powerful antioxidant that mops up harmful free radicals in joints.

Glucosamine – Glucosamine is a fundamental building block of cartilage and is found in high concentrations in all types of connective tissue.

Omega 3 – Omega 3 Fatty Acids from hemp oil is ideal because they contain the full combination of special fats that enable animals to maintain anti-inflammatory support and general health.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C, a water soluble antioxidant, is essential for collagen production, regenerating the antioxidant properties of vitamin E and is particularly effective in a water based environment like synovial fluid.

Our unique combination of essential minerals and nutrients is designed to supply all the components required to help avoid diseases and maintain health, performance and mobility.