How to Trick Your Stomach, Banish Cravings, and Lose Weight Fast


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It’s hard to lose weight when food cravings are clobbering you—especially when you’ve stretched your stomach from consistent overeating. This is because stretching the stomach destroys our body’s satiety signals, meaning it takes a lot of food to send an “I’m full” signal to your brain.

Mineral deficiency also causes ravenous hunger and food cravings. As Dr. Rick Tague notes, “Those getting the least nutrients end up weighing the most, and those with more nutrients end up weighing less,” because mineral deficiencies lead to:

(1) food cravings

(2) decreased activity due to fatigue

(3) slowed metabolism because of missing nutrients 1

Of course, a lot of your hunger is caused by the fact that our soils are so devoid of minerals now that we never feel truly satisfied by food. This is why supplementing with bio-available, plant based minerals helps banish hunger.

Another new discovery in weight loss science is a plant based, slowly digested fiber called glucomannan, which is helping people to eat less by tricking the body into feeling full with 3 to 4 times fewer calories a day.

How Mineral Deficiencies Create Cravings

Cravings are a symptom of a nutritional deficiency. The body wants something that it is not getting. In fact, you can look at specific food cravings and pinpoint exactly which mineral you need. Eliminate the cravings, and your chances of diet success skyrocket.

Cravings for Chocolate

Chocolate contains a relatively high amount of magnesium, so cravings for chocolate indicate a magnesium deficiency. 2

Most people are not getting enough magnesium because it’s found in foods such as seeds, nuts, and high sugar/high fat foods most people are avoiding now. If you don’t eat foods such as pumpkin or sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, cashews, molasses, or raisins often, you need a plant based magnesium supplement to eliminate these cravings.

Cravings for Sour Foods and Lemon

Cravings for sour things, such as lemon drops and sweet tarts, are a sign of a choline deficiency. Choline helps produce a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which is essential to support the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls sleep.

Choline is also crucial to liver health and to keep fat off of the liver. The best remedy for choline cravings is through lemon water or a plant-based choline supplement.

Cravings for Sweets/Sugar

Cravings for sweets indicate a potassium deficiency, and potassium is hard for us to get enough of in food. We need a whopping 4,700 mgs. a day, and one banana only has 400 mgs., so you’d have to eat 11 of them to get your RDA. Without enough potassium, you will experience all-day diet-crushing cravings. Darky leafy greens like beet greens and Swiss chard are also high in potassium, so get your potassium from green food or minerals taken from green foods.

Cravings for Salty Foods

A craving for salty things indicates general mineral deficiencies. Most minerals taste of salt, so the body’s saying it needs more minerals in the diet, such as magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

Cravings for Ice and Very Cold Foods

Cravings for ice and really cold foods indicate iron deficiency. When you have cravings like this, you’ll want to find out if you’re possibly anemic. Usually, pregnant women that are iron deficient crave ice and even dirt—which was once rich in iron.

Glucomannan: Eat Less and Shred Your Caloric Intake

Glucomannan is a new “dream solution” for weight loss . . . a healthy, plant based supplement that makes you feel full and satisfied with less food. Glucomannan is projected to help millions of individuals to finally achieve weight loss victory.

Glucomannan is extracted from the roots of the Konjac (elephant foot yam), a tropical tuber grown primarily in India, East Asia, and Africa. The way it works is by increasing satiety throughout the day because, when combined with liquid (such as gastric juices), the insoluble fiber swells to 7 times its size, filling the stomach and helping you feel full before you eat.

Glucomannan has proven to help study participants to feel full on 1,200 calories a day and to lose significantly more weight than the placebo groups.

Glucomannan works even better when you add moderate exercise, resulting in a 50-60% more fat loss than sedentary participants. So, both sedentary and active people can lose weight with glucomannan.

Glucomannan, Insulin, and Cholesterol: A Win, Win, Win

Since glucomannan so effectively curbs appetite, it reduces the number of times people eat a day, thus reducing the times insulin is released every day. As Dr. Arthur Guyton notes “All aspects of fat breakdown and use for providing energy are greatly enhanced in the absence of insulin.” So glucomannan helps you stay in fat burning mode longer each day.

Glucomannan is, for this reason, very healthy for individuals with insulin resistance, diabetes, or those in a pre-diabetic state., and it’s been found to reduce blood lipid and cholesterol levels when taken regularly as well.


Research has proven clearly, that supplementing with plant based minerals can reduce food cravings caused by mineral deficiencies and that glucomannan helps individuals reduce their blood sugar, curb insulin spikes, overcome insulin resistance, lose major amounts of fat, reduce their BMI and to improve their overall health.


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