Or ‘why’ YOU should


Mineral and Vitamin Supplements

BECAUSE they……

Build YOUR Immune System Strength.

Most diseases and illnesses are not ‘caught’.

YOU do not ‘catch’ arthritis for example.

More and more studies are showing that many ailments are created because of the deficiencies in your diet.

Super Charge YOUR Energy Levels.

Minerals and Vitamins are ‘crucial’ components for releasing energy from food. A good intake of quality vitamins and ‘plant’ derived minerals produce long lasting high energy levels.

Watch this short Video & discover the TRUTH about the “damage” being done to YOUR Health – and not just in the USA but all over the World.

FACTS – which have been known about for over 50 years!

FACTS ‘endorsed’ by the likes of UNICEF & the World Health Organisation !!


Some ‘nutritional experts’ say the World is facing a health crisis BECAUSE of
Mineral & Vitamin ‘deficiences’ !!!


YES – probably VERY TRUE !!

Possibly 90% or MORE of ALL human and animals suffer from a “Mineral & Vitamin deficiency”.

Much is due to many years of unwise commercial farming and food processing.

TODAY, you’d be lucky to find more than 10 (yes as low as just 10!!) PLANT Minerals in ANY food you eat.

You MUST find something to balance this equation.

You NEED ‘good quality’ Vitamins and PLANT-DERIVED Minerals on a “DAILY” basis.

Do NOT settle for ‘synthetic’ OR ‘potentially toxic’ Metallic Minerals.

Plant Minerals are the PERFECT answer to your body’s needs.

Every Question About YOUR Health Deserves an Honest Answer…

And HERE they are….

Makes YOU look & feel Younger


Your skin’s youthful appearance, tone and elasticity depend on a GOOD supply of Minerals & Vitamins to your immune system.

Also your ‘hair strength’, ‘thickness’ AND ‘colour’ are ALL enhanced.

Good healthy ‘teeth’, ‘bones’ ‘muscles’ AND ‘nails’ are ALL dependent on minerals & vitamins.

Some people can look like they are in their 30’s when in fact they are in their 50’s.

Increase your Brain Power.

For ‘good’ brain function, concentration ability and a healthy memory lasting into later life you need proper Mineral & Vitamin intake alongside ‘Omega 3’ fatty acids on a daily basis (We recommend ‘Krill Oil’).

We ALL age, get sick and many suffer from a disease and illness because…..WE simply don’t take proper ‘care’ of ‘ourselves’ and our ‘bodies’.

The fact is that we just don’t give our bodies the nutrients – the RAW building blocks of life – the Minerals & Vitamins NEEDED to fight back and keep us in the best of health.

In many ways, we’re starving ourselves into ill health and every one of us needs to think about WHY !!

EVERY DAY we ‘deplete Ourselves…

Think about it. We are ‘stressed’ from work and strain. We are tired from commuting and travel. We eat on the go – AND mostly choose the wrong things.

We are TOLD to ‘eat a balanced diet’, but we DON’T.

We sleep ;badly because we are depleted of the essential nutrients our bodies need to give us the ‘zing’ and ‘zest’ that living today demands.






You KNOW what it’s like, you look and feel tired. You look pale and your eyes are tired. Your hair lacks bounce and your skin doesn’t glow.

Concentration is hard and you feel worn out most of the time.

When THAT happens, YOU are an illness just waiting to happen.

YOU need a lot more Minerals & Vitamins…

YES. It’s as simple as that and products packed with Minerals & Vitamins are ALL the answers YOUR body needs.

In fact YOUR body needs at least 60 Minerals to function properly but there are VERY FEW in modern ‘processed foodAND they are very difficult to obtain.

PLANT Derived = 100% ‘absorbed

Instead of ONLY 20% for Metallic Minerals.

It seems that illness has become the ‘inevitable cost of modern day living’.

YOU get old, we ALL do, but that does NOT mean you have to get ill as well.

Life is for Living

Never were truer words spoken. Life IS for living and it is up to ALL of us – ALL of us – to make the very best of the time we are given in the very best ways possible.

THAT means being on top of our game, ALL OF THE TIME – and it really is UP TO YOU to do so?

You see, WE don’t get sick, age, or get diseases. Our CELLS do – and YOU (like me) are made up of 50 ‘trillion’ cells.

That’s an awful lot of scope for problems to occure in a single cell, or even a cluster of cells and THAT is what sickness, ageing and diseases are – ‘problems’ with your CELLS.






Dangerous Free Radicals

When your body is run down and depleted, your cells are under threat from Free Radicals.

These are hungry hunters and they radically alter AND destroy your body’s cells.

NOT in one’s or two’s, but in whole batches and clusters.

Some cells attacked by Free Radicals simply die. But others replicate in a damaged state and THEY cause and contribute to ‘premature’ ageing, persistent illnesses and diseases including cancer and heart disease, as well as gout arthritis, osteoporosis, hair loss, wrinkles, dark eyes – even eczema and bowel inflammation.

The bad news is that Free Radicals are everywhere and caused by many things such as;

  • Smoking, stress & sunlight.
  • Pesticides & pollution.
  • Air conditioning & airline travel.
  • Medications & x-rays.
  • Foods & food additives.
  • Fluoride toothpaste.
  • Chlorine in drinking water.
  • Dental fillings & seafood.
  • Cosmetics & exercise.
  • But there is GOOD NEWS too!

    Arm yourself with “Minerals” & “Antioxidants…

    To counter the effects of Free Radicals, you need to arm your body with PLANT Minerals & Antioxidants.

    Antioxidants have extra electrons that chemically counter Free Radicals. Sharing electrons nullifies the effects of Free Radicals, rendering them harmless to you and heading off ageing, sickness and disease.

    Antioxidants are your ACTIVE army of defence against those damaging Free Radicals.

    By ‘neutralising’ them, Antioxidants reduce your risk of developing harmful disease and persistent illness..

    Take Heart Disease. Scientists now believe that Free Radicals cause the furring of your arteries leading to strokes and heart attacks. Antioxidants zap the Free Radicals and neutralise their ability to oxidise fat which causes it to stick to your arterial walls. And few Free radicals mean you are a lot healthier.

    Consider Cancer. Cancer is an abnormal growth of diseased cells.

    Free Radicals damage cells DNA (your cell’s genetic code) causing them to mutate in a diseased form. Antixidants protect your cell’s DNA from damage caused by Free Radicals.

    In fact, some Antioxidants can actually repair damaged DNA and prevent its genetic mutation, giving you the defence your body needs to stay healthy.




    Your diet should include PLANT Derived Minerals and HIGH QUALITY Vitamins…

    NOT just to stay alive, but to STAY healthy, vibrant and bouncing with energy. To ensure your diet is NOT lacking, supplement with the HIGH QUALITY products packed with the PLANT Minerals & Vitamins – you will then:

  • Build up your immune system to defend against Free Radical damage and therefore battle effectively against illness and disease. Free Radicals are created from your OWN Antioixidant and Mineral deficienceies. They are the result of what you DON’T eat. Products packed with PLANT minerals and viamins will help to put that right.
  • to do more, manage more and cope with more, every day. High energy levels are a great indicator of your Mineral health and working proof that your Antioxidant army is in great shape.
  • Look GOOD and feel GREAT no matter what life throws at you. Your skin glows, your hair has strength, thickness and colour, your fingernails and cuticles blush with health – everything about you looks great and you look years younger.
  • Concentrate for longer – your brain, memory and motor functionality requires TOP GRADE FUEL from PLANT Minerals and vitamins to continue giving you TOP CLASS performance every single day.
  • Life isn’t just about survival…..

    It’s about quality of health right up to whatever age you get to.

    And it’s up to YOU to make that quality happen.

    Leading authority studies show that modern processed food isn’t good enough to give you the fuel you need and the defences your body requires to defend against Free Radical damage and the threat of degenerative diseases.







    Dr Benders Report






    Dr Gary Price-Todd has stated:

    “The human body needs at least 60 minerals to maintain a disease and ailment free state.”

    Dr Todd also said, “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals.”

    Following Dr Todd’s advice, it makes healthy sense that people need to find a mineral source that provides 60 or more of these essential minerals. Add those to Vitamins and your body has the top grade fuel it needs.

    Plant Derived Minerals are TOTALLY ‘natural’. They are NOT metallic or man-made and have NOT been created in a laboratory. And THAT makes them easier for YOUR body to absorb. So, when choosing your minerals make sure they are PLANT derived.

    Dr Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Winner) has spoken may times about the absolute importance of vitamins and minerals on health with 25 years research to back it up.

    A totally out of date statement you often hear is “You can get everything you need from food”, yet a 26,000 person study showed not even ONE person was receiving the ‘basic’ recommended daily allowance (RDA).

    A missing Mineral or Vitamin puts everything out of balance because the body “borrows” what it needs from elsewhere. Sometime soon, something has to give, and eventually a deficiency leads to malfunction or breakdown. YOU get ill, look run down, your health suffers and who knows what might happen next.

    YOUR health, wellbeing, intelligence, energy, functionality and your appearance depend on the body replenishing its stocks of minerals and vitamins several times EVERY DAY.

    It should NEVER be left to chance. Even ORGANIC foods LACK Minerals.

    Products that are packed with naturally sourced plant minerals and vitamins give evertthing you need to stay healthy and enjoy the best possible quality of life that you can get. You are arming your body to cope the very best it can with everything that life throws at it.

    Look for products that are SIMPLY NATURAL, ‘nothing’ METALLIC, SYNTHETIC or UNNATURAL in the products. You want “nature’s” wholesome natural goodness concentrated to give you precisely what your body needs, all through the day, EVERY day.

    IF essential nutrients are not in the soil,
    they are not in the plants and
    they are NOT IN YOU !!

    Adding products that are packed with naturally sourced PLANT Minerals and Vitamins to your daily diet helps YOU to work better, play wisely and live life to the full, ensuring that you’ve given your body the best chance it could ever have at living a great life.


    SEE – you are “smiling” already……

    It’s easy to look good and feel great when you put nature to work for your body because NATURAL PLANT DERIVED MINERALS & VITAMINS are your body’s VERY BEST FRIENDS.

    These Minerals are “UNIQUE & EXCLUSIVE” to Simply Naturals….You will NOT get them from ANY other source…….and with them…….

    YOU can take charge of

    YOUR Health!!

    for as little as 80p per day (less than $1 !!)

    SURELY Your GOOD HEALTH is worth that ?

    YOU can ENSURE YOUR immune system gets their ‘required’ DAILY supply of

    Minerals…Which are ESSENTIAL for “Good Health – Wellbeing & Fitness !

    You can BUY Products across a range of Health Products but the KEY one which is unique and exclusive to Simply Naturals is

    Natural Minerals….

    Now available throughout the UK,

    Europe, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Australia & the USA

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