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FACT – Many people laughed when Bill Gates suggested selling software instead of giving it away with computers. Now they cry because they didn’t get involved or buy shares. Many employees and shareholders became MULTI-MILLIONAIRES.

In 1997 Eric Cole & Peter Willoughby (Simply Directors) were telling people that a UK company they were actively involved in would become a Billion pound company by giving customers a single bill for their services. Many people said ‘utter nonense’. Eric & Pater went on to become millionaires along with others who ‘believed them.

That Company is now worth more than a £billion.

That time has now passed into ‘History’!!

TODAY….Peter& Eric are telling everyone about the worsening Global Health problem due to “mineral depletion” and THEY have the solution.

Their VISION of global domination with the ultimate ‘route to market’ WILL create an awesome income opportunity for those who ‘have the sense’ to get involved RIGHT NOW.

Immediately below are TWO short Videos (less than 5 mins each) which will give you an insight into being a Distributor, including one showing you a number of people who have qualified for the FREE Car that is on offer – and I might add it is NOT difficult to achieve the level required to qualify for this amazing ‘gift’.

CHECK OUT a very small selection of a few of the Company’s Distributor success stories below….

Will YOU listen and Join Today

or Miss THIS chance and Regret it Forever.

There is an “excellent” compensation plan with many achievable rewards – such as ‘How to get your Distributorship Investment back inside 2 months” as well as “a FREE car when you reach the level of Senior Distributor” – which quite frankly is NOT hard to achieve !!

Check it out with the information below….


Ron Woodham

Leading UK Nutritional Company seeks “Distributors” in the following Countries…

It is recommended that you:

1. Watch the TWO Videos below – one will take you through the whole story of being a Distributor with Simply and is well worth watching despite the fact that it is just over 40 minutes long..

2. THEN – Should you decide to go ahead – View the second Video THEN click on the button below the Video and “Register” as a Distributor.

BELOW is a short Video which will walk you through the process of “Registering” as a Distributor whilst ensuring you do NOT make any mistakes in your registration…..

Next is the full blown video referred to above.

NOW you should go ahead and register – But PLEASE mke sure you follow the steps in the Registration Video you have seen above…..

You will find that by visiting the Distributor links to a conclusion you can register as an Affiliate following the same path as you would to becoming a Distributor – it is highly recommended that you take the Distributor route of course – more money, more benefits along with a sustainable business and therefore a sustainable income.

Not Forgetting of coursethat you can recover the majority of your investment inside the first 2 months by simply finding just 6 Customers.