The PainPOD:

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Reach your Body’s Full Potential with the most advanced scientific breakthrough in portable physical therapy medical devices: Simply PainPod & the PainPod Mi.

  1. Chronic Pain Relief
  2. Acute Pain Relief
  3. Pain Relief after Surgery
  4. Musculoskeletal Pain Relief

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Simply Natural Minerals

Simply Natural Minerals - essential supplement to help the human body's "immune system" function effectively in 'protecting' us from all forms of ailments & illness!!/b>  Read more!

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Vitamin C is probably the most well known in the World of Vitamins and most people know it plays an important role in immunity and we all reach for a Vitamin C supplement at the first sign of a cold or flu to boost our immune system.

That helps with the symptoms because Vitamin C is a natural anti-histermine

It wasn’t until the 1930’s that Vitamin C, which is also known as an ascorbic acid was discovered and the fact that it enables the body to efficiently use carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

It was discovered by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi and in 1937 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery.

His discovery was among the foundations of modern nutrition.

Walter Haworth was also awarded the Bobel Prize in Chemistry for his work with carbohydrates and Vitmain C.
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Attention Vegetarians & Vegans

Is this the 'missing ingredient' from YOUR diet?

Do YOU believe you are currently getting a "Balanced Diet?

Do you really think that your "5 Portions of Fruit and Vegetables a day" is enough?

                fruit and veg

Do you know that even eating a balanced "5-a-day" Organic Diet it is unlikely that you would Read the rest of this entry

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A couple of Facts about Vitamins

A couple of Facts about Vitamins that you really should know about.

Do you realise that the majority of Vitamins you purchase, whether they are from a High Street Shop or online, are probably made up of 80% “crushed rock” !!

Which effectively means you are paying the full price for only Read the rest of this entry

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PainPod – Xmas Offer

PainPod – Special offer available in UK and Europe

Massive savings of £139.99! (120+ Euro)

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Try PainPod for pure pain relief

Welcome to PAIN FREE living lifestyle



Medically researched and expertly engineered, Simply PainPod is an EASY to use device that uniquely combines two ‘clinically proven technologies’ to give effective, natural drug free,  relief from many types of pain, at the same time as Read the rest of this entry

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The right diet plan is essential for good health

The “True Story” about how & why the right diet in today’s World is so essential for good health.

FACT – it is not JUST eating the right food that is important – it is HOW MANY “Natural Minerals” our body consumes as a part of that diet that counts – and this is where the bigger problem lies – WHERE do we get the requisite amount of daily minerals our immune system requires to defend us against ailments and illnesses?

Our ‘body’ NEEDS a minimum of 60 “natural minerals” per day – and the traditional “5-a-Day” fruit and veg NO LONGER provide us with Read the rest of this entry

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YOU should be eating "five-a-day" fruit and veg.

Do you really think that's enough?

How can they contain all the minerals your body needs if they are NOT in the soil?

Did you know that even eating a balanced 5-a-day organic diet, you would be lucky to get more than 15 plant minerals?

The absolute bes minerals for your body are 'plant derived'; don't even think about using metallic minerals.

Metallic minerals are the cheap ineffective type you find in most Read the rest of this entry

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Why do we need minerals

IF perchance you already know all about “natural minerals” and the importance to our general health & fitness then (may I apologise before I begin) – BUT

My experience so far has been that whilst virtually everyone has heard the phrase “5-a-day” and WHAT it means they really do NOT know the significance and importance of the ‘Natural Minerals’ that we USED TO GET from the modern day “5-a-day“.

I think you will agree that the “Health & Fitness” of Read the rest of this entry

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Every Question About Your Health Deserves An Honest Answer…

Today we have so much more illness and disease in society, and the fact is, we cant give our bodies the nutrient and raw building blocks of life to keep our health at its best just with food.
Our shelves are filled with expensive over processed , nutritionally bankrupt food, due to soil depletion and Read the rest of this entry

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