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Today we have so much more illness and disease in society, and the fact is, we cant give our bodies the nutrient and raw building blocks of life to keep our health at its best just with food.
Our shelves are filled with expensive over processed , nutritionally bankrupt food, due to soil depletion and many other things.
Day in day out The effects on our health isn’t good.

People are constantly sick, always being prescribed different medication.

Then there’s stress, which has a massive impact on our body, health as well as our mental wellbeing, as well as our sleep etc. something has to change and it has to change fast.

This Blog is designed to educate readers on Health.

Below are the 5 key principles of health : the basic body fundamentals:

1. Food
2. Water
3. Air
4. Exercise
5. Positive mental attitude.

With food being number 1.

Soil depletion has a massive part to play in the cause for so much illness and disease today.

This Blog is also going to give you the information you need, and the missing part of the puzzle you are looking for.

Stay healthy,

Check out the content of this blog , especially the “Testimonials” and SEE FOR YOURSELF there IS answers to today’s health & fitness issues – IF – you wish to do something about it !!

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REMEMBER – it is ‘education’ that you really need – not ‘medication’

Yours Truly

(The Old Fella)

You should ALSO read ALL OF THIS important information about Good Health & Fitness in the 21st Century too

Now – I “know” that you will be aware of the FACT that if you “fail” to keep your car topped up with OIL all sorts of nasty things can happen to the engineindeed in some cases it will totally give up on you and die!!

You will also obviously know that even if you do keep it topped up with oil it needs PETROL in the tank to enable you to drive it around.


Your body is EXACTLY the same !!

Your BODY ‘needs’ it’s OWN form of OIL & PETROL too !!

Your body’s engine is it’s “Immune System” – it is THAT which keeps YOUR engine running – and just like the car it needs to be ‘fed‘ – not with Petrol of course but with Natural Minerals (I repeat Natural Minerals)

For many many years this was NOT a problem because we got them ‘automatically‘ from the food we ate – NOT ANY MORE THOUGH !!


Because MAN has destroyed the ground with over farming, chemicals & pesticides – and along with acid rain those “Natural MineralsNO LONGER exist in the food we eat – or at least very few of them do?

THIS is “Scientific FACT” – NOT Fiction
As stated by
The World Health Organisatin & UNICEF
just to name a couple of “World Renown” Organisations)

DO YOU KNOW that as high as 75% of these minerals have been destroyed as a result of the above overfarming etc., – in fact there is one State in the USA where they have been depleted by 100%Shocking !!

There is an answer of course

Hence me contacting you to tell you about it. You CAN still obtain “Natural Minerals” – BUT…..there is only ONE business in the World that can provide them for you at present – basically due to the complexity of obtaining them from 75 million yr old deposits deep in the earths crust !!!!

DO – PLEASE check out the Testimonials HERE on “My Blog” and see the POSITIVE good that is being done by taking them – THEN may I recommend you take up the

90 Day Challenge and TRY THEM for yourself.

Why 90 days? Well – you can hardly expect them to start working for you in the first week or the first month can you ?

For MORE Information – “browse around” my Blog

You are “welcome” to check in below too – and I promise you that I will continue to provide you with informative information and NOT bombard you with ‘sales pitches’

Remember – This ALL about ‘educcation’ NOT ‘medication’

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