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Simply Vitamin C – A Celebrity in the World of Vitamins

Vitamin C is probably the most well known in the World of Vitamins and most people know it plays an important role in immunity and we all reach for a Vitamin C supplement at the first sign of a cold or flu to boost our immune system.

That helps with the symptoms because Vitamin C is a natural anti-histermine

It wasn’t until the 1930’s that Vitamin C, which is also known as an ascorbic acid was discovered and the fact that it enables the body to efficiently use carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

It was discovered by Read the rest of this entry

Attention Vegetarians & Vegans

Is this the 'missing ingredient' from YOUR diet?

Do YOU believe you are currently getting a "Balanced Diet?

Do you really think that your "5 Portions of Fruit and Vegetables a day" is enough?

                fruit and veg

Do you know that even eating a balanced "5-a-day" Organic Diet it is unlikely that you would Read the rest of this entry