A couple of Facts about Vitamins that you really should know about.

Do you realise that the majority of Vitamins you purchase, whether they are from a High Street Shop or online, are probably made up of 80% “crushed rock” !!

Which effectively means you are paying the full price for only 20% of the product and that 80% of what you are [paying out is of no value or benefit to your body.

In fact all that happens with the 80% of crushed rock is that it is discharged ‘naturally’ through your bodily functions.

HOWEVER – Simply’s Vitamins are TOTALLY 100% Pure Plant Derived Minerals and have NO crushed Rock in them what-so-ever.

Plant Derived Minerals are 100% Natural and benefit you by supplying you with a totally beneficial bunch of vitamins which in turn are TOTALLY effective.

How do you find out if you are buying Metallic or Plant Minerals?

The ONLY way is to make sure you ask questions, but more importantly, check the content list – do a bit of research on line – which is where the likes of search engines such as google, bing & yahoo can be helpful.

WHY waste your money?

What about Simply Natural Minerals Vitamin C Tablets?

Well, the simple fact of life is that THEY are literally 100% “Natural Minerals” – and of course you can discover that fact by visiting the site here and read all about them for yourself – including a detailed list of ingredients as weel.

You may also like to read a few ‘independant’ facts & testimonials about Natural Minerals.

Yours Truly

Ron (The Old Fella)

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