Is this the 'missing ingredient' from YOUR diet?

Do YOU believe you are currently getting a "Balanced Diet?

Do you really think that your "5 Portions of Fruit and Vegetables a day" is enough?

                fruit and veg

Do you know that even eating a balanced "5-a-day" Organic Diet it is unlikely that you would receive ALL the available plant minerals you expect because of "Soil Depletion"!

There has literally been an EIGHTY YEAR decline in mineral content of our 'fruit & Veg.

mineral depletionHere is a graph showing the depletion between 1914 and 1997.

This means that even an 'organic' diet is now lacking in essential minerals.

What has caused this?

  1. Over Farming
  2. NPK Farming
  3. Food Processing
  4. Chemical Fertilizers
  5. Acid Rain & Air Pollution.

THIS is NOT something "I" have made up either – see the details below.




Soil Mineral Depletion – has been confirmed by many leading organisations, including…

mineral depletion

There is a SIMPLE SOLUTION……..of course.

THAT is "Simply Natural Minerals" !!

WHY Minerals?

Dr Linus PaulingAs clearly stated by 2 times "Nobel Prize" winner – Dr Linus Pauling.

His years of research confirmed the importance of minerals.

Also stated by Dr Gary Price-Todd –

"Our bodies NEED Minerals each day in order to maintain a diseas and ailment free state"

We ALL 'need' Minerals because…..

  • Peoples Immune Systems are Suffering.
  • Vitamins are Vitrually Useless without Minerals.
  • Nothing in your Body works 'correctly' without them.
  • They are indeed – "The Spark Plugs of Life"

(Take the 90 Day Challenge – Click the image below !!)

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