Here is all the information you will require about being a Distributor in the USA

Recommend that you check out each of the links – as you will see below there is:-

1. A Video to watch which will give you an overview of the main product and the opportunity to earn a substantial income as well as qualify reasonably quickly for a FREE Car.

2. An opportunity to ask any relevant questions you may have from either myself or direct with staff at our Head Office.

3. An opportunity to tune in and listen to a business presentation via your computer.


WHEN you click on any of the links below you will be taken to the appropriate page –

HOWEVER to ensure the information is relevant and accurate for YOUR Country you should check out you are seeing the RIGHT information for YOUR ‘geographical area’ –

simply CHECK the following….

In the top right corner of the site ensure “US” is visible as shown,/td>

and in the menu to the right of the ensure USA is also showing which you will find in the drop down menu if it is not showing

IF you are not on the EARN WITH US page simply click the button to the left of the Log in button you see above.

(If contacting Head Office please quote reference No 111434 when asked for.)

Below is the current offer open to New Distributors.

You will note that the monthly contribution incorporates:-

a. Your Monthly business license fee of $19.50 for your back office access and full training programme.

b. Your Monthly fee of $6.99 for your replicated business web site.

c. Plus your monthly supply of Minerals at a discounted price.