Advanced scientific breakthrough in portable physical therapy medical device.

Simply PainPOD – Medically researched and expertly engineered, the Simply PaidPOD is an easy to use device that uniquely combines TWO ‘clinically proven technologies’ to give effective, natural drug-free, relief from may types of pain, at the same time as treating and promoting healing at the source of the pain.

**(Only available in UK & Europe)**

What is a PainPOD?

As demands for effective natural alternatives to medication increase, the new Simply PaidPOD range brings effective pain relief, recovery and performance benefit to the pro-sports, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anyone, at any age, wanting a pain free lifestyle.

By combining up to the minute advances in science waveform, electrotherapy and micro currents with the latest neurological understandings and advanced BioEngineering PaidPOD are leading the way with the next generation of ultra-wearable, easy to use devices, proven not only for effective pain relief but also to promote healing, speed recovery and increase performance


  • Chronic Pain Relief: Mild Arthritis Pain, Chronic Nerve, Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain & More
  • Acute Pain Relief; Short Term Low Back, Neck, Shoulder, Nerve & Muscle Pain & On-going Sports Injuries and More
  • Pain Relief after Surgery; Labout Pain, Knee Surgery Pain, Most Post-Surgery Pain.
  • Musculoskeletal Pain Relief; Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Hip Pain, Growing Pain & More.
  • Fast Pain Relief after Injury; Sprains, Strains, Cramps, Broken Bones, Fractures & More.
  • Increase Exercise Tolerance by increasing Oxygen Supply to Muscles.
  • Improve Range of Motion by Stimulating Muscles, Nerves and Tissue around Joints.
  • Improve War Up by Targeting Specific Muscle Groups Before Training or Activity.
  • Stimulate & Strengthen Muscles; Maxmise Muscle Fibre Activation During Workouts.
  • Reduce Recovery Times by Increasing Flow of Nutrients (Like Protein) to Targeted Muscle Groups, Reduce Muscle Atrophy During Recovery or Forced Inactivity.
  • Repair Damaged & Torn Muscles Faster by Improving Nutrient Flow to Target Area.
  • Remove Waste & Toxins; Through Micro Pulsations Improving Circulation.
  • Increase Myokine Production to improve and Mediate the Body’s Natural Repair System, Aid Rehabilitation as Tissues Repair by Reducing Pain and Improving Range of Motion.
  • Assist Correct Muscle Remodelling of Repaired Tissues to Avoid Dysfunctional Movement after Injury.


The BioTechnology at the heart of every PainPD is trusted and used by Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Sports Scientists around the World.

The CORE technology in every PaidPOD device has been the power behind some of the World’s most respected, high performance athletes and sporting teams including:

• Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee & Jack Nicklaus.

• Olympic Athletes & Coaches from the U.S., U.k. & Russia.

• Elite Sporting Clubs around the World including teams from the NBA, English Premier League, AFL, NHL & NFL and Pro Cycling.

• Rugby Players, Cricketers, Cross Fitters, Triathletes, Gymnasts, Boxers, Cyclists, Bodybuilders and many more of the World’s elite Professional Athletes.

We are proud to be able to provide effective solutions for pain relief with enhanced healing

Read what some of our customers have to say

Shoulder, Knee and Back Pain.

Now I’m older, I’m very sensitive to pain especially in my back, my knew and my right shoulder. With Simply PainPOD I can feel the currents going through and it feels like a deep massage.

Christie Mokotupu – Australian Olympic Volleyball Chamption

Chronic neck and back pain for years….

Simply PainPOD allows me to keep working and go about my day and do all the things I need to do as I am a busy mum.

Georgia Harding – Housewife & Mother

Instant Pain Relief….

I tried the Simply PainPOD pain relief system at Olympia in London. I’ve been suffering in constant pain from a childhood injury and I have to say, the pain relief was instant. I’m totally blown away by it and purchased one. You can’t go wrong with it, it’s unbelievable, a great piece of kit. Well done.

Neil – Demo at London Olympia Show.

Back Pain when Walking….

I’ve been walking round with quite a bad back. I had the Simply PaidPOD Pads on my back and it really does help. Now I can continue walking round using my Simply PaidPOD. Very Good.

Vicky – Chobham UK.

Chronic Lower Back Pain….

I have suffered from chronic back pain for 20 years. When my back came out the last time I could not walk and was bed ridden. The spasms and pain were excruciating.
As always, I was pumped full for muscle relaxants and pain killing drugs. I was sceptical about Simply P;aidPOD as I had tried other devices and TENS machines that don’t work.
I have to say, for me, Simply PaidPOD is nothing short of a miracle. Pain was gone instantly, muscle spasm did not occur, I can sleep, sit walk and get on with life and all without drugs.
I don’t’ go anywhere without my Simply PaidPOD and I recommend it to everyone.

Eric Cole, Company Director.

Works Like a dream on my knees….

I’ve been struggling with Arthritis pain for many years and having no success with prescribed drugs.
The pain is in my hands, elbows and knees. I’ve always been concerned about the long term negative impact of taking drugs, so when I used Simply PainPOD as a drug free device I was elated with the results.
Works like a dream on my knees. The sensation is very pleasant especially on the massage type settings.
The Simply Paidpod WORKS, so if you have any pain you absolutely must have one.

Trevor Jones – Spain