My name is – “Ron” – (Known to my colleagues as “The Old Fella”).

A retired Pensioner – (now an ‘octogenarian’.) living a healthy lifestyle thanks to the wonders of Natural Minerals

I hope you will read my story and be encouraged to check into

these Natural Minerals a bit more.

Not only for you, but your family and/or your friends and work colleagues – after all – EVERYONE – yes EVERYONE on the planet actually needs them…..

Are YOU one of those people whose friends give you some good advice and you totally pooh! pooh! it and claim YOU know better ?

THAT “used to be” ME too !! – Not any more though….

What better “Testimonial” can I give you to begin with other than my OWN Story.

HERE is what happended to me……..

I was suffering from a thing called “Restless Leg Syndrome” and was not getting very many good nights sleep – indeed ‘if at all’.

For those that don’t know what it is – you get a tingling sensation in your lower limbs and the balls of your feet – a bit like “pins & needles” during daylight hours when you are up and about on your feet – which is a tad aggravating (but bearable). However, it can be quite painful at night when you take your weight off your feet. Hence the poor quality of sleep.

Well of course I went to see the Doctor whose words to me were quite simply Sorry but there is NO cure for this and went on to subscribe me some Sleeping Tablets to help me get a good nights sleep!!

NOW – I have a friend of many many years standing who is involved in and very knowledgeable in what I refer to as ‘alternative medicine’ and is commonly known as ‘complementary medicine’ and as soon as I told him about the ailment (and specifically the result of the visit to the Doctors) you can probably guess what his response was !!

Yes – you got it in one – “Right – what you need is………blah! blah! blah!” …..and of course I pooh poohed it completely…..

After a couple of months he sent me a FREE sample of what he had recommended and simply said Just try them

“Them” was 2 Tubes of 15 tablets in each which all you need to do is pop one a day into a glass of water and drink it – it is actually a very pleasant drink. These tablets come in half a dozen different flavours by the way.

So – I DIDand believe it or NOT – after just 12 days – yes – just 12 days – my Restless Leg Syndrome had virtually disappeared.

Just as the man said – “It is NOT a cure and don’t expect it to disappear completely – but what it will do is ‘suppress’ the discomfort and pain” – and true to his word that is exactly what it has done.

I would say it is about 80-90% better and all I get now is a slight and very bearable tingling when I go to bed !!

That was just over a couple of years ago and I have NEVER looked back and no longer have a problem sleeping at nights – and by the way – I stopped taking the sleeping tablets prescribed by my doctor after the 12 day period of taking the tablets my friend sent me.

By now I bet you are wondering – Exactly WHAT are these TABLETS?

They are quite simply NOT medicinal tablets – they are simply “NATURAL MINERALS”

BUTthat is NOT the end of the STORY!!NOT BY A LONG WAY…

I sincerely hope you are keeping up with this and STILL continue to read “My Story”?


The OTHER bit that I don’t talk about too much publicly (perhaps I should) is the fact that I am (or nowadays should say “WAS”) also a “Type 2 Diabetic”!!

Fortunately that is nowhere near as serious as being a “Type 1 Diabetic” of course, but none the less, it does mean that I had to take care of what I eat etc.,AND – I have to have an annual FULL medical and health check where a wide range of checks are carried out on both your body, its functioning, and your eyes.

Despite the fact that everything is back to normal I will apparently remain on the Diabetic List and continue to have the annueal check ups – just in case as the Nurse said to me – and of course at my age I have NO objection to that……

The one test that is measured and is usually recognised by most people because it is the most ‘common’ of the checks is ones ‘cholestorol levels’.

Normal levels are around the 3.8/9 to 4.2 – well – BEFORE taking the Minerals for my “Restless Leg Syndrome” my OWN cholesterol level was coming around 6.1 or 6.2… you can see, somewhat above ‘normal’ !!

It will of course come as NO surprise to you that my very FIRST test after having taken the Minerals (for about 4 months at this point) was WAY DOWN to as low as 3.9 !!

BETTER STILLit has REMAINED around the 4.0 mark ever since……

SURELY – this ALONE should make YOU want to learn MORE about these “Natural Minerals” !!!!

Of courseIF you DO want to know more I recommend that you have a browse around this site you are on right now and check things out for yourself …

Or indeed – ask a question below

Yours Truly

Ron (The Old Fella)