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Sizzling Minerals


The World FIRST plant derived mineral supplement in a convenient effervescent form.
Simply Provide the best source of minerals which are ‘certified’ to have 75 pure plant based derived minerals.

Their ground breaking product is a 100% natural drink called: Sizzling Minerals..

100% PLANT BASEDessential daily minerals are a fun and tasty way for the whole family to keep their core at its optimum best!

The world’s first and only, great tasting effervescent wafer containing our Pure Plant Derived Minerals Complex.

Each Sizzling Mineral wafer/tablet contains the full spectrum of plant derived minerals and trace elements and the taste is astounding.

Children love the taste so you should no longer be faced with the difficulty of getting your children to take the minerals they need daily.

The wafers have been sized so they can be easily inserted or dropped through the neck of a standard drinking water bottle.

This convenient delivery idea will allow thousands of people to get their much-needed minerals as they consume the water they drink everyday.

Sizzling Minerals is the most important product available for fulfilling the nutritional needs for the entire family.

Available in four flavours Cherry Berry, Orange, Lemon Lime and Natural.

30 Wafer/tablets per pack.

REMEMBER – ‘Prevention is better than the cure’

So we should be making sure our body has its basic needs met. Daily.

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