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Most Of Us Have Been Hearing About Vitamins Since We Were Children.
..And even today hear authoritative sources say to be sure to take your vitamins , but seldom do you hear anyone say be sure to take your MINERALS.

Vitamins are sometimes expected to do more than they are actually capable of in isolation.
Our bodies can go far longer suffering with a deficiency of vitamins than they can with a deficiency of minerals.

Did you know that all the vitamins in the world would do you little without minerals??

The minerals in our bodies are so important that the body will go to desperate lengths to maintain thier balance.
If a cell is deficient in a single mineral , it will suffer the loss of several minerals.

The type of mineral that comes from a plant has been digested by the plant and is know as a water soluble , plant derived , hydrophilic mineral.
This is the type of mineral that is used to make “sizzling Minerals” water tablets. These pure plant minerals come from fruit and vegetables that grew 70 million years ago.
With our 75 plant minerals you know you are receiving the best nature has to offer.

• delicious intense taste

• 600 milligrams of 75 pure plant minerals in each wafer.

• Formulated around 70 million years ago and extracted from our Exclusive Mines.

• wafer tablets Sizzle and dissolve quickly in water.

• essential for Vitamins to function Fully Bio- available and easily absorbed into the body.

• does not contain any large molecule metallic minerals.

• no carbs , no fats , no harmful additives.

• an essential addition to existing supplements you may be taking already.

• has produced thousands of loyal customers and amazing testimonials: on the testimonials TAB.

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