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Sub Clinical Disease


Subclinical disease is an illness that is staying below the surface of clinical detection – a subclinical disease has no recognisable clinical findings and you feel perfectly well. It is distinct from a clinical disease , which has many signs and symptoms that can be recognised.

Many diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and stroke are often subclinical long before they surface as advanced symptomatic clinical diseases. One of the MaJor causes of subclinical disease is plant mineral deficiency.

This deficiency has serous negative effects on long term health. What lost people don’t realise is that subclinical disease can progress undetected for decades and then emerge with painful and serous clinical symptoms later in life.

SO..What can you do to stay healthy? And isit possible to stop… Diabetes.. heart disease .. arthritis?..

Dr Gary Price-Todd has stated: “the human body needs at LEAST 60 minerals a day to maintain a disease
and ailment free state”.

Dr Todd also said : “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals”.

Dr Carolyn Dean MD.ND. Says: “ we SHOULD be eating plant based minerals”.

When a plant grows – it draws all the available minerals from the soil.

The world health organisation, The UK Ministry of Agriculture, Unicef, and the Royal society of Chemistry have all produced reports showing alarming mineral content decline in our foods since the 1940’s.






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