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Doctor in Desperation Tries Plant Minerals:

I have not felt well since that diagnosis of Diabetes, despite averagely good blood results.

It was not part of my practice to suggest supplements, but in desperation, I tried Plant Derived Minerals, starting in November. I have since begun to feel so much better, that I will definitely continue to take them.

I can`t recommend them highly enough !!

Dr Kate
Retired GP (Medical Doctor)

Diabetes Miracle .

“Star Pupil at the Surgery!”

I have just been to the GP surgery for my annual diabetic review which, ever since I was diagnosed five years ago, has been an out-and-out disaster. I knew things were well on the mend even a few weeks after taking Plant Derived Minerals, but WOW, WOWITY, WOW, WOW, WOW… I am the “star pupil” at the surgery today. Nurses I had never met before were called in to witness the improvement in my results:

Blood Sugar Count 5.6 – Normal
Cholesterol 4.6 – Normal
Liver Function Tests – Normal
Rheumatism Factor – Normal
Glaucoma Eye Pressures – Normal
Blood Pressure (the constant bête noir) – NORMAL!!!
Weight – Down 5kg – Normal

…..and so it went on!
ALL of them had to be shown the earlier results to prove the dramatic changes which had taken place. My GP was congratulating me on the improvements… something I never thought I’d ever hear. My specialist nurse was saying what a pleasure it was to relay such results rather than being the normal doom and gloom and “must-do-better-or-you’ll-die” merchant she has to be normally.

I am 100% convinced all this has come about thanks to taking Plant Derived Minerals. I just want to go out and let EVERYBODY know how wonderful these health giving supplements are.

Fergus, Middlesex – UK

Diabetic Review – Doctors Amazed!

I am 69 years of age. I have had type 2 diabetes for approx. seven years and each year no matter how I try my sugar level increases.

A friend introduced me to plant derived minerals a good nine months prior to me ordering them because you automatically think it’s a scam. After about nine months of being told I should try the plant minerals I decided to do so but (in my mind I did not think it would help).

It was about three months to my next diabetes review so in my mind I thought this was the way of reducing my sugar level and I was excited.

The review arrived (and I was expecting a miracle cure) and I returned for my consultation only to find my blood sugar had increased again, I was devastated!!!!! I told the friend who had introduced me to the plant minerals that they were not working and they said keep on them as three months is not long enough.

I thought about this for over a week and came up with the decision that you cannot rectify your body that has been doing things wrong for 60 years plus, and expect it to be corrected in three months so…

I kept taking the plant minerals for a further year and went back for my diabetic review not expecting miracles this time but WOW was I amazed, the nurse was amazed and the Dr. was amazed, the nurse said to me it’s obvious that the Statins are doing their job and I replied I told you when you gave me the prescription for statins that I don’t think I would take them and I haven’t.

I told her about the plant minerals I had been taking (and gave her a book on them) and she said if they are doing this for you keep taking them because they are obviously working.

This photo is taken off the Dr’s pc screen, just look how the blood sugar levels have dropped dramatically. The Dr says if they drop any more at my next review the will take me off the Metformin totally.

I have been taking the plant minerals now for sixteen months and in that time not only has my blood sugar levels reduced but my blood pressure has come down to normal on a regular basis, the arthritis in my thumbs has disappeared, I sleep better and I have more energy.

I can very honestly say that I am so pleased my friend persuaded me to try the plant minerals because if you don’t try them you would not know how they can improve your health.

Geoff Cox – Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK

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