The “True Story” about how & why the right diet in today’s World is so essential for good health.

FACT – it is not JUST eating the right food that is important – it is HOW MANY “Natural Minerals” our body consumes as a part of that diet that counts – and this is where the bigger problem lies – WHERE do we get the requisite amount of daily minerals our immune system requires to defend us against ailments and illnesses?

Our ‘body’ NEEDS a minimum of 60 “natural minerals” per day – and the traditional “5-a-Day” fruit and veg NO LONGER provide us with

anything like that number.

A further question is – is the lack of “natural minerals” the reason for such a massive increase in ‘obesity’ and a range of ‘other’ ailments that have grown over the past couple of decades.

Read onI think you will find the following information quite amazing…….

Let’s just consider the growth of ‘cancer’ over recent years and the question being asked of course is WHY has it increased so much?

There are of course a number of ‘proffered’ reasons but there is little doubt that the primary one is the severe LACK of ‘Natural Minerals’ in the food we eat today compared to years ago.

Here are a couple of recent headlines from a couple of World Renown sources.

bbc news   daily mail

Express   Times

The top left is based on comments originated by WHO (The World Health Organisation) – the remaining three are taken from headlines in National UK Newspapers.

It has been claimed that:-

  1.  1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with Cancer.
  2. By 2020 an estimated 47% will have a chronic health condition.
  3. In the UK obesity now affects 30% of the population.
  4. By 2030, 41% of the population will be diagnosed with cardiovascular diseas.
  5. Alzheimer diseas in the UK alone will affect over 1 million people by 2025.
  6. ADHD now affects over 5% of all school age children in the UK alone.

The conclusion is that the FUTURE of food is PLANT BASED, and

  1. More and more people are turning to vegetarian and vegan based diets
  2. Plant based diets are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons including the treatment of animals, health & environment reasons
  3. Plant based diets are becoming more popular if they are well planned, can support healthy living at every age and lifestage.
  4. A report finds that 39% of consumers across Europe are opting for Plant Based Products.
  5. In Canada it is reports that the new draft food guide favours plant based protein and eliminates dairy as a food group!
  6. It is claimed that diet and chronic disease are connected as a poor diet is devoid of essential nutrients.

We used to say – “An APPLE A DAY keeps the Doctor away – Not any more though – below you will find the stats on mineral depletion between 1914 and 1992 – the results of a survey carried out by no less than the World Health Organisation.

See the table below

Notice, in particular, the significant loss of phosphorus, potassium and magnesium over the years.

And it is NOT the apples that have been affected – take a look at the graph below showing the effect on vegetables too.



And it is NOT just the apples that have been affected – take a look at the graph below showing the effect on vegetables too.

The BIG QUESTION is of course WHY is all this happening and WHAT can WE as individuals do to help improve the quality of our OWN health & fitness along with that of our familiers??

The REASON is actually quite SIMPLE……


Why have these “natural minerals” in our food chain been LOST….

It’s quite simple really – it is

OVER FARMING…..which has seriously depleted the natural minerals we NEED in the food both we and our animals eat.  Trying to grow more food more quickly for a growing population but on the same number of plots of land.

HERE you will see a graph of the disastrous effects in soil depletion that has taken place in countries around the World..

soil depletionPOOR soil husbandry….we are no longer rotating crops

  1. Food Processing…adding increased processing into the mix.
  2. Then there is NPK Farming…..which is the addition of nitrogen, phospherates & potassium into our farming techniques.
  3. Acid Rain…..(created via the rise of chemicals etc., into the atmosphere which is then brought down in normal rain fall)
  4. Chemical Fertilisers….which are used in abundance to increase the amount and size of crops.
  5. Air Pollution… made of course.

These are facts which are not simply ‘made up’ – they are facts provided by such important organisations as….

  1.  UNICEF
  2. The World Health Organisation.
  3. The Royal Society for Chemistry.

ALL World renown authorities….



Our bodies NEED “PLANT MINERALS” each and every day in order to maintain a disease and ailment free state.

Dr Price-ToddAgain – statements from eminent individuals such as Dr Gary Price-Todd, MD and best selling author who states “You can trace every sickness, every disorder and ailment to a mineral deficiency”

Plus   Confirmed by Dr Linus Pauling – 2 times nobel prize laureate.

Who also states “Our bodies need the full spectrum of “natural minerals” and “trace elements” each day in order to maintain a diseas and ailment free state.



Minerals help maintainhuman body

  1. Our immune system
  2. Healthy bones
  3. Enzyme function
  4. Balanced pH
  5. Cellular health.

Vitamins are virtually useless without minerals

Nothing in your body works correctly without them.


The solution is of course –

Our PLANT DERIVED “SIZZLING MINERALS” – the foundation of “Simply Products”

You can discover more about them HERE

If you have any questions or would like to make a comment about any of the above please make use of the comment box below…..thank you

Yours truly

Ron (The Old Fella)

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