IF perchance you already know all about “natural minerals” and the importance to our general health & fitness then (may I apologise before I begin) – BUT

My experience so far has been that whilst virtually everyone has heard the phrase “5-a-day” and WHAT it means they really do NOT know the significance and importance of the ‘Natural Minerals’ that we USED TO GET from the modern day “5-a-day“.

I think you will agree that the “Health & Fitness” of

ourselves, our families and our friends are of the utmost importance

Education not medication is the route to “Good Health”.

MY aim is to provide this large group of folk with the information that they need to ‘understand’ WHY they are so important….explain the FACTS (all provided by experts such as “The World Health Organisation” & UNICEF plus others…) and allow folk to judge for themselves just how important they are.

So – if I may I will begin with a little analogy.….and begin by pointing out some simple facts which WE ALL KNOW ABOUT and understand – that is the Carand you may immediately wonder what the Car has got to do with Minerals frown

We also ALL know that the car engine needs to be kept topped up with oil for it to run smoothly and without the ‘engine oil’ it will CEASE to run and indeed, in the worst case ‘conk out’ completely.

Effectively – our Car needs “petrol” to drive it and “oil” to maintain it in working order !!

WELLsurprise, surpriseIF you apply a similar process to the Human BodyIT has an engine too !! 

  IT is called our “IMMUNE SYSTEM” – which is the HUMAN BODY’s ‘engine’ AND just like the CAR Engine “IT” needs to be kept topped up – but the Body’s FUEL is of course NOT oil’ – but IT IS “Natural Minerals“.

Just like the CAR our body ALSO’ needs ‘petrol’ to make it run efficiently – the difference here however – is that the BODY’s ‘engine oil’ (those “Natural Minerals“) that the body’s engine requires is NOT a seperate product like the OIL we put in the carNO – our BODY’s engine oil is FED and SUPPLIED by the “Natural Minerals” that it gets from the BODY’s ‘petrol’ – in fact the FOOD WE EAT – which ‘contains‘ those “Natural Minerals” our body’s engine needs !!



The FOOD we eat in today’s World DOES NOT – I repeat – DOES NOT contain the minimum level of “Natural Minerals” that our engine (our immune system) needs to do it’s job effectivelyWHICH IS to protect us from all the ailments & illnesses that affect the Human Body!!

THIS FACT is deemed to be a major cause of so many ailments, illnesses (including obesity) as a result of Worldwide surveys carried out OVER 50 YEARS AGO – yes – your read that right – OVER 50 YEARS AGOand we are only just beginning to learn all about it…..

Yours Truly

Ron (The Old Fella)

P.S.  You can check out this FREE Brochure Natural Minerals HERE – which basically endorses what I have said plus a bit more…and you can get your minerals HERE – why not take the 90 day challenge?

If you have any questions or would like to make a comment about any of the above please make use of the comment box below…..thank you

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